Metal Architectural Awnings

InnoTech Awnings
InnoTech Awnings

InnoTech's metal architectural awnings, offers a wide variety of features and presents endless benefits. InnoTech awnings can be easily applied on window units, office buildings, shopping centers, drive thrus, storefronts, entrances, and walkways. Choose from a variety of standard powder coatings and custom finishes to coordinate your next overhead canopy for your project.

Metal Overhead Awnings

Hanger rod canopies are now becoming increasingly demanding, especially on the store fronts of many reputable businesses. These attractive awnings not only provide shade and shelter from the weather, but give entrances a modernized and professional look.

InnoTech Manufacturing will consult with you to determine the best canopy for your project. Contact us today for a free consultation and/or quotation on our architectural awnings for your commercial or residential project.

Standard Awning

Awning Sunshade

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